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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 19 -- Lisa's Musings from The Road Commission and Every Day Life

Today's topic is the Road Commission.

Now, before you groan, I'm excited about covering this board.


Who doesn't have an opinion about roads?

And, who among you doesn't travel on ones under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission just about every day?

My grandfather was one of the original Road Commissioners, so there's some family history here, too.

And his photo hung on a wall in the former Road Commission building. Before they moved to Zeeb Road.

I was told that when people walked by his portrait on the wall, his eyes followed them, all seeing and knowing, like one of those scary movies.

In another life, when I was a stringer for the AA News, I lobbied to cover this board -- but was only able to do so if an issue involved one of my many Western Washtenaw towns.

Like the Foster Road Bridge, or the Dexter Bridge or the E. Delhi Bridge.

But now, I get to cover roads (and bridges) throughout the county.

And I'm pretty excited about it.

So, I thought I'd give you my Top Three Reasons for Wanting to Cover the Road Commission for all of the Heritage papers.

Reason No. 3. I'm interested in all things road and bridge. Who isn't?

Reason No 2. The meetings don't last very long. So far, the first two I've covered have lasted an hour (or less) and during that short time, there have been a bunch of interesting topics for stories.

You have to understand a reporter's mindset. If you're going to sit through a meeting, you want to make it worth your while, and come back with several stories to write.

And No. 1. They meet at 1 p.m. twice a month. So, I don't have to get up early or stay up late to cover them.

For those three reasons alone, I really like covering the Road Commission.

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