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Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan. 18 -- Lisa's Musings from Every Day Life

This is show week for my puppy, Driver and I.

His first and last American Kennel Club dog shows as a conformation puppy. Oh, he'll continue his show career, but this week is the only time he'll be able to do so in the puppy class.

Once he hits a year old, he'll move into an adult class and more will be expected of him. Better attention to me. Better manners. He'll be expected to conduct himself as a young man.

So, I plan to take advantage of his puppydom this week.

I've included photos of his show predecessor -- Widgeon, who was a real showman. Whether his little legs were taking him over jumps in agility ring or he was standing and eating food in the breed ring.

In fact, little Driver has quite a legacy to live up to, and it will be interesting to see if he enjoys the show ring as much as Widgeon did.

Driver's been groomed -- his feet have been tidied up, the hair on his ears shaped and tonight will be bath time.

I'm embarrassed to say that this will be Driver's first bath. Sure, he's gone swimming in the lake and chased the hose getting drenched in the yard and waded in a kiddie pool.

But this will be his first, in the tub, covered in doggy shampoo, real bath.

Now Tollers are a water-moving breed, but their enthusiasm for bath water isn't as keen.

Or, at least this has been the case with Widgeon and older brother, Ryan. Perhaps Driver will be different.

I'll find out in a few hours and perhaps he'll be the exception to the Toller bathing rule.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, the bathroom door closed, the throw rugs rolled up and lots of towels on hand.

Wish me luck.

Both with the bath and in the show ring later this week.

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Blogger Kasiler said...

Good luck to Driver in the tub and the show ring. My guess is he will shine. He's very lucky to have a human like you.

January 18, 2010 at 6:15 PM  

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