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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan. 10 - Lisa's Musings from Every Day Life

Today's topic is clothing.

Because I was out and about today taking photos -- wearing many, many layers of it.

In fact, I was dressed like a miniature snow woman, to protect my back.

See, that's me. In the window.

I was taking photos of some of the restaurants that are participating in Ann Arbor Restaurant Week from Jan. 17-22, which is your chance to try out one of 26 downtown restaurants for a $12 lunch or $25 dinner per person.

Check out for the complete list. And, reservations are highly recommended as some of the spots book quickly.

But I digress.

As we all bundle up to beat Michigan's sometimes harsh winter cold, I think it's important to do so in style.

Or try.

Did I mention taking a close look at my reflection in the window? Smile.

What you didn't see were U-M college students in shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts on State Street tossing around a football. In the snow.

Or basketball fans heading toward Crisler Arena without hats or gloves.

Did anyone happen to check the temperature before they headed outside -- it wasn't exactly balmy out there.

Or perhaps I'm just getting old.

Older and wiser than when I was a U-M student?

I don't remember ever heading anywhere in the winter without dressing for the cold.

But they say the mind is the first thing to go.



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