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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan. 11 -- Lisa's Musings From Every Day Life

It's Monday.

Does your mail include a mitt full of circulars?

Along with a few bills, some letters, junk mail, and a book that a publisher wants me to review, are the Dreaded Monday Circulars.

Is it just me or is there something about that slick paper that makes it ... well, just that?


Monday after Monday, I try to wrap those inserts around whatever else I've gotten, but the "innards" always wind up on the ground.


I've tried different ways to grasp them, I've juggled the other mail on top. On the bottom. Even in a different hand.

But because these circulars are different sizes, weights, and varying degrees of slickness -- one of them always falls out.


Today, in the fresh snow.


And the worst part is, as soon as I get inside, they are deposited directly in the recycle bin.

But since I decided to write about them today, I took a look.

There's coupons from that promises $30 in savings. But that would mean I'd need to find something that I actually wanted to purchase from what was advertised.

On the cover is a coupon for Happy's Pizza. I've never even HEARD of Happy's Pizza, and I'd have to go to a Website to find out if there's even one near my house.

Flip page.

Ad for Dish Network. I already have Dish Network.

Next comes grocery store coupons. Now, I'll clip and save money with the best of them. Ah .. look, 75 cents off one of my new favorite Great Diet of 2010 products -- 100-calorie treats. This time from Keebler.

So, let's review, 20 pages, one worthwhile coupon. I'll save 75 cents.

Big whoop.


A circular from ACO Hardware -- a local store I do frequent. But I don't need anything from the hardware store, despite four pages of offerings.

Kroger has an insert, but I live in Sylvan Township, west of Chelsea, and the closest Kroger is in Ann Arbor.

It would take an amazing number of items that I REALLY needed on sale with coupons to justify the gas and time to shop there.

Not happening.

Then there's Proactiv refining mask. I don't even know what a refining mask is. Nor do I care. Maybe I'm missing out on something good, but I don't want to waste my money to find out.

Jet's Pizza has a coupon, but I get a pizza from this local restaurant almost every Thursday. In fact, I'm approaching pizza No. 100 from them.

I know the price by heart, and as a frequent customer, no coupon needed.

I asked about these circulars at the post office one day, but was told that some people really like them.

And no, there isn't a magic "Do Not Mail List" that will stop them from arriving.

Every Monday. Without fail.

So, like garbage pick-up on Wednesdays and a trip to the recycling bin on Saturdays, I guess these circulars are just part of every day life.



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