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Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan. 15 - Lisa's Musings from (a Young Fives Program) and Every Day Life

Have you ever wanted to go to work in your jammies on a cold day?

I get to do this a lot, actually.

After being smartly dressed with a jacket (and funky socks)when covering an event, interviewing people or attending a meeting, the moment I arrive home, I immediately get comfy.

In fact, I write my best stories this way.

How about having a chance to spend a morning hiding out in a tent and reading?

Or being read to?

These lucky five year olds and their teachers got to do all of these things today at the First United Methodist Cooperative Nursery during a special Young Fives program.

After taking a field trip to the Ann Arbor District Library where they were able to pick out age-appropriate books, they arrived at the church today dressed for comfort, warmth and a day of celebrating everything warm -- including making hats, hanging out under quilts, and sipping hot chocolate.

How cool is that?

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