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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fantastic Fundraising Opportunity for Nonprofits

Want to partner with us?

In these difficult economic times, many groups, especially schools, are hurting for funds. Thanks to statewide budget cuts, public school systems across Michigan are in trouble. Many programs that we’ve learned to take for granted over the years – athletics, band, etc. – are under a heavy budget crunch.

So why not partner with The Ann Arbor Journal – and help your organization raise needed cash?

We are offering $10 for every NEW one-year subscription to The Ann Arbor Journal that your group sells. That means $100 for only 10 orders; $500 for 50 orders; and $1,000 for 100 orders! There is no limit to our partnership. Sell 500 orders and we will give your organization $5,000!

We understand how difficult it is to raise money with the same old fundraisers year after year. After all, families can only use so much wrapping paper and candles. The Ann Arbor Journal is the gift that lasts. This is why our fund-raising opportunity has such great value.

The Ann Arbor Journal is delivered directly to the homes of our customers 52 times a year, with fresh content and local news and information that is important to the people that live and work and attend the schools in your community. We offer award-winning news coverage, including the areas best and most comprehensive sports sections. In addition, we offer discount coupons, entertainment news, classifieds and more, making a yearly subscription to The Ann Arbor Journal a fantastic value.

All you need to do is sell the order, fill out a provided form, collect payment and turn in the orders to us once a month. That’s all there is to it. We will cut your organization a check!

All we need to set up your group as an official partner is the following information:

1. A contact name and number from your organization
2. A W-9 form for payment purposes
3. A logo (in PDF format) for use in the printed materials, which we will supply your group for your sales effort.

It’s that simple.

To set your organization up as an official partner, please contact Bob Riddell at 734-246-0757 or e-mail

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