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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. 17 -- Lisa's Musings on Every Day Life

I don't know what you do on Sundays but one of my "farm" chores is watering my plants.

And mine are a very hardy bunch.

You see, I'm pretty tough on plants. I don't mean to be, but ...

There are a couple of important house plant rules in this house.

1. You get water once a week.

2. I give you fertilizer a couple times a year when I remember.

3. The rest is up to you.

4. And, if you don't thrive, you're history.

I don't like icky looking house plants, so if you lose your luster, there are others out there that can withstand my plant brutality.

And, I'm fair. I tell them this when they are carefully placed on my plant rack.

In a south window. Overlooking the bird feeders.

And the squirrels, which are currently loudly arguing over which of them will be the first to penetrate the "squirrel-proof feeders" this morning.

But, back to the plants.

If you notice, there are two double begonia hanging baskets included in this line-up of African violets, a couple cactus-family species and a gorgeous amaryllis.

I am VERY proud of these ($5 each) SPRING purchases from the Chelsea Farmer's Market. They spent the spring and summer on my three-season porch and survived.

Many don't.

I can kill plants with the best of them. Doesn't matter how much I've paid for them over the years -- and I'd hate to add up that amount.

But, unlike purchases of the past, they survived the fall with still lovely looking leaves.

I was shocked.

When the first cold snap arrived and they were sprayed with snow and still thrived; I decided these two plants really wanted to live.

So inside they came.

And although the photos don't do them justice, they have hung in there. No flowers, of course, but their leaves are vibrant greens.

Sure, they shed a leaf or four every week, but ... they are pretty happy.

And so am I.

So I challenge you this spring when you make your choice of hanging baskets, don't give up on them at the end of summer.

Sometimes they'll surprise you.

And bring a smile to your face -- in January, on a gray, foggy Sunday like today.

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