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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aug. 12 - Lisa's Musings (about keeping up NASCAR appearances) and Every Day Life

For those of you who might have missed all the race fans heading through the area, this weekend is the second NASCAR race of the season at Michigan International Speedway.

Yup, race fans galore, wearing their favorite driver's gear. And for some of us, the colors and numbers of that race wear has changed as our favorite driver or drivers have gotten new sponsors or car owners or car makers.

Although I was immune to this for quite a few years, all three of my drivers -- Ryan Newman, Tony Stewart and cuz A.J. Allmendinger have made changes in the last couple of years so wearing their former paraphernalia is just wrong.

No self-respecting fan should be seen in public with the wrong color scheme or number or car company.

The problem, however, is because my favorite drivers have made changes, the amount of cool new stuff has sadly not kept up. It takes a while for the merchandise to catch up to the driver.

And, if I'm going to spend my hard-earned money to purchase new NASCAR stuff and support the sport and my drivers, I've gotta like wearing it.

My friend, Becca and I, fellow NASCAR fans, spent quite a few hours in June roaming through all the merchandise trailers and the cut-rate "village" of vendors outside the track, but neither of us found much we liked.

And the one new T-shirt I bought that I really liked was promptly ruined by my old dryer.

So, we plan to make another pilgrimage to MIS tomorrow in 90-plus degree heat for qualifying and see what's new on the shopping front. Maybe I can replace the ruined Tony Stewart T-shirt. And pick up a sweatshirt or two.

Plus, for the first time ever, I plan to bring my camera as well as the video camera to capture race fans in their natural habitat.

So wish me luck, as I'm literally off to the races.

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