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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aug. 8 - Lisa's Musings (about U-M football) and Every Day Life

Three years ago, I could have told you exactly how many days before the U-M football season opened.

I'd be getting the house ready for my dad's arrival; and reading, then cutting out, every preseason football story I could find from the daily newspapers.

So they're be a huge stack of them to peruse when he arrived, and of course, I'd have already bought and read any new U-M football books. He'd take them to read while accompanying me to cover city council meetings when he was here.

"The Victors" would be rattling around in my head as I bumped around on the lawn tractor mowing the property.

It's August, after all, which means one thing to U-M football fans -- the countdown to the start of the football season.

Well, a lot has changed in the last three years, and none of it for the good.

The grass seems to keep growing and those weekly mowings look like they will continue into September this year. Even my favorite tree, my Rose of Sharon, which usually blooms later in the month, is in full swing. Much earlier than in the past.

Lloyd Carr, who I adored, retired as football coach, and the excitement of having a new coach with a new offense has come and gone. As have the delivery of two daily newspapers. Now all I read about is U-M football mediocrity and NCAA investigations surrounding the team.

And my dad died.

So where does this leave me? In a preseason football funk.

In fact, I remarked to one of my friends just yesterday that I didn't even care if I went to a single game this year. I'm fine watching them at home.

But, as they say, I control my own thoughts, so, I'll be attending Fan Day on Aug. 22 -- two weeks from today -- from 1-3 p.m. It's in The Big House this year so perhaps this will help me get my football groove back on. I'm sure there will be lots of Maize and Blue excitement in the air.

And I'll think positive thoughts -- toss them out there to the universe -- and hope they bounce back at me, the team and the coach.

And now I'm headed out to tackle my property on Old faithful. It's her turn this mow.

So, "Hail to the Victor's valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes, Hail, Hail to Michigan ..."

And Go Blue.

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