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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aug. 5 - Lisa's Musings on (the fairest cow in the, er, Ire-land) and Every Day Life

Today's blog is an update on a previous post about Baileys Irish Cream's finest dairy cow in the land, well, Ireland, bovine beauty contest.

And the winner is ... seven-year-old Smearlaview Storm Vixan.

This outstanding cow defeated 20 other worthy contestants for the title and in her photo is proudly wearing her sash.

Vixan, owned by Tim and John Kirby, from County Kerry, Ireland, was chosen for her beautiful conformation and proven milk production. From her photo, Vixan's mostly white with a few black spots on her side, neck and head.

This beauty pageant is "widely acknowledged as Ireland's most prestigious diary livestock event," according to the release from Baileys Irish Cream.

And, Vixen didn't have any hometown help to gain her crown as an international judge was chosen to make the selection.

And on another note -- is it me, or have you noticed very hungry swarms of little mosquitoes, which have suddenly hatched and are out for blood.

I first noticed them a week or so ago, but they seem to have grown in numbers and aren't afraid to attack in bright sunshine. I can't take a half step outside the door without hearing that tell-tale buzz and retreating with multiple welts.

Enough already. I've had it with summer. I'm more than ready for fall.

Bring it on.

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