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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27 - Lisa's Musings on (a Harris Poll about cooking) and Every Day Life

A new Harris Poll says three in 10 Americans love to cook, and "for many Americans there is that one dish that is their signature one or the one they dream of perfecting."

One I'd like to perfect is a souffle. So maybe I'll have better luck with my new oven.

The poll, which consisted of about 2,500 respondents who were surveyed online, found that four in five Americans, or 79 percent, say they enjoy cooking.

I'd put myself in that category on the rare occasion that I have the time to create something fun. With lots of ingredients. However, that doesn't happen very often.

Interestingly, men are more likely to say they like cooking than women ... perhaps because they don't have to make three meals a day for a family?

Humm, I wonder what industry this poll was commissioned for...a new cooking channel perhaps? That information wasn't included.

However, this information was ... "considering the proliferation of cooking channels and cooking shows, one might expect more people to actually say they love to cook. Maybe this is one of those times where people enjoy watching others do what they themselves cannot do or do not like to do."

I watch several cooking shows but I can honestly say I've never tried cooking anything that the chefs prepare.

Tomorrow, however, I'll be a judge for a food contest. And the chefs? 4-H kids who will be making recipes that must contain chocolate chips.

Perhaps I'll borrow a recipe or three from them.

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