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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21 - Lisa's Musings (on Art Fairs) and Every Day Life

I survived the first day of art fairs.

And in addition, I broke my non-buying streak, and came home with not one, but two, items.


Neither were fine art or anything artsy-fartsy. I didn't go that far, but I did see a lot of people who did.

And that's why these 1,000 artists keep coming back. I heard over and over they do this show because people here appreciate art, understand its value, and are willing to fork out the money to take it home.

Besides, who doesn't love art (or chicken) on a stick?

So, both my purchases were functional -- items that can be washed in the new dishwasher that arrives Friday. Care to guess what I bought?

I am the proud owner of two new coffee mugs. One's bright red with black specks and has a really cool looking handle. It was made by Jason Parsley of Cincinnati, Ohio and Parsley Pottery. He was on Main Street, near the art fair bus stop.

The first one I bought came all the way from Spring Hill, Fla. and the hands of Marshall Lanz. It's brightly colored -- oranges and greens and has this neat-looking frog on it. His booth was on State Street.

Frogs seem to be big this year, as one artist said, "Who doesn't love a frog?"

In addition, I know what I'll purchase next year. A piggy bank. I could not believe how many different sizes, shapes, and colors of piggy banks there were.

Every year, I look at them and say I've always wanted one of these.

Next year, I'll fulfill my dream.

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