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Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25 - Lisa's Musings (from a dog show) and Every Day Life

I'm exhausted.

Between weekend company, dealing with no power, two days of dog shows, figuring out how to use the new appliances, and trying to get my home back into some semblance of order, it's 8:15 p.m. and I'm ready for bed.

So first, the dog shows. Saturday, it didn't go very well for either Ryan or Driver. Today, however, we finished with a bang.

Make that a Best In Show.

Yes, Ryan, with my friend Nancy at the end of the lead, finished his alter championship today by not only beating another Toller (so he got a point and will be invited to the big UKC dog show called The Premiere next year) but also going out with a Best In Show Altered.

So, let's recap, this is the first dog that Nancy's ever shown in the stand-and-eat-food ring and she got his championship by taking two Runner-Up Best in Shows and a Best in Show.

Not too shabby, eh?

Driver, who pretty much went along for the ride, since she's already a championship, also beat another Toller so he got a point and will get an invitation to The Premiere next year.

In addition, he took a Group 2 -- his best group placement to date, as well as a Group 4.

So, all in all, today definitely trumped yesterday and not just in the dog show arena.

I've gained a new appreciation for electricity now that the power's back, and I've tried out the oven, the dish washer and the washing machine.

Still to go are the dryer and the freezer.

Now I need to deal with all the food that will have to be tossed out.

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