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Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30 - Lisa's Musings (on supporting local businesses) and Every Day Life

I love my local businesses.

Let me repeat this, a little more slowly - I Love My Local Businesses.

And during the last few weeks I've done my part to keep them in business.

First, it was the replacement of four major appliances and the addition of a fifth from Heydlauff's in downtown Chelsea.

For those who might have missed it, Mark Heydlauff came to my house to make sure that what I'd picked out not only was correct for its individual power source but also that it fit in its special space.

As Murphy's Law would have it, the day the appliances arrived, I lost power for 24 hours and still haven't had a chance to read all the instruction books, but, I've got the general hang of how to use most of them anyway.

Today, my hat's off to Village Motors.

I noticed Sunday that my van had developed a vibration, and so did my friend, who could feel it on the passenger side as well. I kinda laughed it off saying, I feel like a NASCAR driver, "(fill in the name of your favorite driver's crew chief)I've got a vibration."

But I had a very busy week and the shaking kinda came and went until Wednesday afternoon when I drove on the highway going 70 mph.

Then, I REALLY felt it.

But Thursday I had to be at an editorial meeting and had a couple assignments lined up, so it wasn't until this morning that I called Village Motors and explained the situation.

I was told they were slammed with business, but I could bring it down and have one of the mechanics take a look.

So, someone will tell me that the van won't blow up until you can get to it, I asked.

I was assured that this would happen.

So, with grocery list in hand, (Polly's is right next door), I headed to the car dealer.

The moment I arrived, Chad took care of me, and a very nice mechanic hopped in the passenger side of the van and we headed for a little drive -- so he could feel the vibration, too.

It didn't take long.

In fact, once he felt it, I looked over at him and his face looked like it had lost a little color.

When the shaking and the odd noise became more and more obvious, he got paler and paler.

As we were headed back, he told me it was a bad ball bearing.

So this is bad, I asked.

Very bad, he said.

I forgot to ask what a ball bearing did, or what would happen if it broke completely, but I got the distinct impression that he was very relieved when we were parked at the dealer.

Maybe it was because he quickly hopped out of the van and I'm not positive, but I think I heard him whisper a few Hail Mary's as he headed to safety.

By the time I got inside the service center, Chad explained that the van wasn't going anywhere -- not even to Polly's right up the hill.

In fact, he kinda grabbed the keys out of my hand, in a nice way, of course, and told me it was a safety issue.

That's not good.

But then the bad news: they might get to it today, or maybe tomorrow, but probably not until Monday.


During our test drive, I'd told the nice mechanic I was a reporter and I had a bunch of assignments this weekend, and my editor wasn't going to be pleased when I told her I was grounded for the weekend.

I think almost felt sorry for me.

Norm, the nice person who drives people to and from their homes if their vehicles are in for service, took me home.

I settled in to write a story and maybe an hour or so later, the phone rang and it was Chad from Village Motors -- my van was fixed.


Oh, and Norm would be coming to pick me up after he came back from lunch. Then a second phone call -- Norm was en route.

talk about awesome customer service. No wonder they're busy, busy, busy.

I personally thanked everyone in the entire dealership for getting me back on the road. Then I found the mechanic and said while bowing reverently, "This is your world and I'm just a visitor."

I love my local businesses.

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