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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aug. 4 - Lisa's Musings (on The Day After) and Every Day Life

Last week, I lived through a Chocolate hangover after judging the Youth 4-H Creative Chocolate Chip Contest; this week, it's Primary Election Day hangover.

Actually, I think the chocolate recovery took longer.

Last night's election was a snap for me -- well, except for waiting on the final numbers. I'd spoken to the must-have candidates, who knew if they'd won or lost early on, because they had people at all the precincts.

The problem was no one had all of the candidate's numbers -- or if they did, they weren't giving them to me, so I was forced to wait on the county clerk's office.

I had written the story leaving blanks where the numbers needed to go, while the county took what seemed like forever to get the results up online. In fact, at midnight -- my deadline -- I filed the story with what I had and literally 5 minutes later, I got the totals I needed, so I sent those.

The problem is just because your story's filed, you're still all geeked up and it takes a while to relax.

In other words, you're tired, but your brain hasn't shut down yet. So I read -- for a LONG time until my eyes finally started closing.

The dogs let me sleep until 7:30 a.m. this morning, none of the candidates called me early this morning to wake me up, and after a couple cups of coffee, I was back at it and going strong.

In fact, I wrote and filed seven stories. I surprised myself.

So, unlike last night, I'll be relaxing in the LaZBoy -- something I haven't done in many nights.

Recharging my body for back-to-back meetings Thursday -- first of the Road Commission and then, my favorite, of the Ann Arbor City Council.

I'm taking bets on the time I might get home -- any takers?

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