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Friday, August 6, 2010

Aug. 6 - Lisa's Musings on (late blogs) and Every Day Life

Sorry folks, I know, I'm late blogging today.

But I have a good excuse(s). Yesterday was a VERY long day.

First, I had to be at the office for an editorial meeting and was only able to stay about 15 minutes because I was off to the Road Commission meeting.

Had about enough time to come home and have a cup of coffee and it was off to the Ann Arbor City Council meeting.

And, I should have known. This city council never ceases to disappoint when it comes to dragging out its meetings.

I was pretty excited when I looked at the agenda on Tuesday night while waiting for election results. It was a nice light one. But then when I checked it again before I left yesterday, I saw it.

The council loves to add things at the last minute even though they chastise each other for doing it.

And that late added agenda item -- it had to do with "imposing a temporary moratorium on the use of property and structures for dispensing and cultivating marijuana."

Oh no. This is Ann Arbor after all.

Them's fighting words.

I knew right then, with the addition of one item, the night before the meeting ... my prospects of getting home at a reasonable hour went up in smoke. Pun intended.

And, I wasn't far off.

When I got there, there were a large number of people milling around outside city hall. My second clue.

By the time the meeting got started, the place was packed with people.

Pissed off people.

People who had probably been some of the 74 percent of those who voted for the medicinal use of pot.

Plus, they managed to snag 8 of the 10 speaking spots during the public speaking portion of the agenda.

Yeah, I understand that pot is prescribed for any number of medicinal reasons and that there's a state law allowing it, but there's this little problem of Federal Law that doesn't. And that's where it gets confusing.

Let the fireworks begin.

So, I didn't get home until after 11 p.m. and had a Friday packed with stuff to do, which meant I didn't get started writing all the stories from yesterday until late in the afternoon.

And, I'm still writing them, but figured I better blog before my readers think I've broken my streak of daily musings that began back in December.

So, here it is with my humble apologies for posting it so late.

Blame it on my primary job -- being a reporter.

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