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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aug. 7 - Lisa's Musings (in photos) and Every Day Life

Another Saturday. Another trip to two farmers' markets. First to Chelsea for my favorite bread and a few veggies, then to Ann Arbor to pick up my CSA. This time, there were tomatoes, beets, corn, peppers, eggplant, eggs, onions, basil (which I planted) and lots and lots and lots of green beans.

Did I mention a gladiola and a sunflower? I'm sure I missed a few things, but it was quite the extravaganza.

My friend, Nancy, could not leave the Ann Arbor Market without another hosta. She's been buying them like crazy this summer. Oh, and she also brought home a black-eyed Susan plant as well.

And, after eating terrific Red Haven peaches all last week, I had to come home with more. And blueberries, which will be used for blueberry gingerbread and blueberry whipped cream. I'm planning to try out two recipe from the book "Town in a Blueberry Jam." (It's also reviewed on the A2 Journal Web site.)And a melon.

And next week, if the weather cooperates, I expect to have more raspberries and strawberries, yes, the Ever Bearing variety as well. In fact, I hope to actually "harvest" a few truly homegrown ones. They are getting red in my little hanging basket. The birds beat me to the first batch, so I'm keeping closer watch on them this time.

Can you tell I'm all about the fruits of summer?

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