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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug. 11 - Lisa's Musings (on pink and black) and Every Day Life

It was a pink-and-black day; another one planned from the shoes up.

I mean, really, who wouldn't want to stride out of the house with shiny black toes as I did this morning?

In fact, I was in the pink all day.

First thing, I finished a very fun book titled "Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree" by Susan Wittig Albert. Although she's written a number of books, this was the first of a new series and the first title of hers that I've read.

And I can promise you, ALL of her other titles will be on my Christmas List. So any friends who are reading this, write down Susan Wittig Albert's name and check the bargain shelves and used book stores for me.

I'd like nothing better than to take a week this winter, thaw my summer frozen bounty to eat, build a fire in the fireplace, and just read book after book by this author. I hear all of them involve plants.

(Note to Heritage newspaper readers: Book review coming soon to a paper in your box. Or, if you wish, online at

So, where did by pink-and-black shoes take me? To a fun toy store -- if you're looking for kid's items. It's called Learning Express. The store has a Wonderful Wednesday craft class for kids, and today, I went to one to check it out, took photos and will write a story about it for the A2 Journal.

Note to parents of young kids, check out this store in the Westgate Shopping Center. Lots of crafts and toys that actually make kids use their noggins. Good stuff.

Later in the day, I was off to pick up one of my CSA's and I wore them there, too.

But I must report, at the end of the day, I have a slight injury -- a blister on one heal, so next time it's pink and black day, I'll wear light socks. And I know better, but it was too hot to put on a single additional layer of clothing of any kind -- including socks.

Despite the minor wound, it was a marvelous pink-and-black day; I'd recommend one to anyone.

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