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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 12 - Lisa's Musings (on being sick) and Every Day Life

The sun's shining, the Kerrytown BookFest has started and I'm home feeling like, well, something the cat (or dog) dragged in.

And, I'm missing one of my favorite Ann Arbor events.

Although there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, it's still a bummer.

After being sick most of the morning, I began to feel better, so took a shower, got dressed and got in the van to go. Fingers crossed.

But ya know when you've been feeling really, really punky. You're shaky and fuzzy headed and just not fit to be behind the wheel?

That was me.

My reactions aren't what they're supposed to be and even though I was technically sitting down, I was operating a vehicle.

Not good.

So, after 10 miles of knowing I should not be behind a wheel, I decided to do the smart thing. I turned around and came home.

On this beautiful day. When BookFest was going on.

Sometimes doing the right thing isn't easy. But I decided that it was more important to get off the road and not hurt anyone, and get home where the chances were slim that I'd hurt anyone.

But possibly myself.

I hate being sick.

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