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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept. 11 - Lisa's Musings (on Michigan football and one of its greats) and Every Day Life

With the excitement of a U-M victory over Notre Dame today comes the sadness of the death of Ron Kramer, a true Michigan man is there ever was one.

Not to take anything away from Denard Robinson's terrific performance today, but Kramer is probably recognized as the greatest all-around athlete to ever grace the U-M campus.

He played football, ran track and played basketball. And he was a fun and all-around great man.

I had the chance to sit down and have lunch with him at his favorite restaurant -- Max and Erma's -- while doing research for a book I'm writing about Don Canham.

I have terrific photos of he and his dog and he and Peg Canham -- the two were best buds.

So while younger fans are celebrating today's victory, the close knit, old-timers are mourning the passing of one of Michigan's true legends.

I sure hope Kramer and Bo and Woody and Fritz and Bennie and Don are including my dad in all the great football stories of yesteryear.

Go blue.

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