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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept. 10 - Lisa's Musings (on agility trials) and Every Day Life

Today was the perfect day for an agility trial, so I headed to the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club to take some photos and find some friends I hadn't seen in a "dog's" age.

You see, it's been a long time -- probably about four years -- since I've shown at an American Kennel Club agility trial. In fact, the last time I trialed was in Wisconsin at the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever National Specialty and Widgeon, my first Toller, got his third and final qualifying score needed for his agility excellent title.

With his untimely death not too long thereafter, I haven't had a Toller who loved agility the way Widgeon did. Consequently, I haven't competed.

I'm a believer of the "agility is fun school" and Ryan, my dear, dear Ryan, doesn't share my enthusiasm for the sport. With me at least, so I never showed him in AKC.

Driver, on the other hand, is very game to play this agility sport, but I've been so busy being a reporter, I haven't had a chance to really show him all the skills he needs.

And, I don't show my dogs until I'm sure they know their part in this team sport and, I've never shown a dog in agility until they're at least two years old. He's just 18 months old at this point, so his turn will come.

But in the meantime, I've put on blinders and ignored the whole thing. Until today.

All it took was one look at all those dogs out on course running, jumping, zipping through tunnels and weave poles to remind me what I've been missing.

I came home, edited my photos and vowed that this fall and winter Driver and I would do some training and be ready to play this spring.

So, today, not only was I able to reconnect with old friends, but also I reconnect with a sport I love and was reminded of the bond that dog and owner form while playing in agility.

Sometimes, when I least expect it, I'm reminded of the really fun stuff in life. And it's time I partake in a little more of it.

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