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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aug. 15 - Lisa's Musings (on taking a few days off) and Every Day Life

I guess big news happens -- even when I'm not around to cover it.

I took a few days off for race weekend and what happens? The superintendent of the Ann Arbor Public Schools resigns while I'm off the grid.

Am I bummed I missed the story? Yeah. And I know my editor wishes I'd been around to chase it down.

But ya know what, it's OK. I'm happy that I took a break from everything involved in newspapering. I needed it. With very few exceptions, I've been going full tilt for more than a year, barely taking a day off here or there.

And everyone needs time to step away from e-mail, phones, facebook, etc. etc. etc. and just have some fun.

Yeah, I blogged while I took a few days off, but did I pay attention to anything else involved in the news? Nope.

And I'm good with that.

In fact, I need to do more of it. Most people take at least two days off a week. And as hard as try, I never seem to follow through on that plan.

Maybe missing a story like the one I did on Friday is why.

But ya know what? The sun came up Saturday and Sunday. The world did not end because I missed a story.

There's always tomorrow and you can be sure I'll be all over it.

But for the rest of today ... it's all about the weekend.

Monday will be here soon enough.

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