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Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5 - Lisa's Musings (on a fun day) and Every Day Life

Well, since Driver and I didn't show in agility today, I found other ways to support the local economy and, of course, its farmers.

First up, a stop at the Chelsea Farmer's Market where I found terrific strawberries, which were later made into strawberry shortcake with REAL whip cream. The dogs got strawberry tops and some fresh asparagus.

Did I mention a replacement Gerber Daisy for the one that wasn't doing so well in one of the hanging baskets?

From there, it was onto the AA Farmer's Market where the dogs got miniature squash -- really cute little squashes, but I skipped the squash blossoms this time.

Let's just say that I tried feeding them to the dogs last year and, well, they weren't the most popular veggie with the four-legged troops.

They also got some lamb.

I, on the other hand, bought my usual two pretzels and a blueberry scone, a new kind of spaghetti sauce, which will go on top of homemade noodles and will be topped with some chicken.

For lunch, my new favorite treat -- tamales.

Also coming home with me were Biscotti and some lettuce.

And en route home, there was a stop at The Cupcake Station.

And to Polly's for the shortcake portion of the strawberry shortcake that I made when I got home.

Yes, it was a good day not spent an agility show for the pups and I.

And for the coffers of my local farmers.

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