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Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27 – Lisa’s Musings (on vacations) and Every Day Life

Editor's Note: Lisa is on vacation, but has written her blog posts in advance and charged me with posting every day. So, my name may be at the end as the person who posted it, but this is still her "everyday musings."

As you read this, and in the interest of full disclosure, I’m on my way to Bloomington, Ill. In fact, depending on when my editor posted it (thanks, Michelle), and then when you read it, I might already be at the hotel.

And as an aside for any would-be burglars reading this blog, don’t bother casing my house because I have someone staying there. Pretty much for this very reason.

Sure, I could have taken a vacation from this blog – like a normal person – but by now you know I’m anything but normal. I really enjoy sharing the silly things that happen on a daily basis in my life, and I kinda hate to break a daily streak that’s been ongoing since December.

The log for this blog says there are about 250 entries, and I’m pretty sure I’ve probably written at least 200 of them.

So, the point is, the next few blogs will be prewritten – I figure it’s better than sticking up some old blog rerun or something – even if it is almost the summer re-run season.

I have to admit, it was kinda of exciting filling out that vacation form – and it won’t be the only time this year. I’ve planned a few other trips, too.

This is the first time I’ve gone anywhere for Memorial Day Weekend. I’m usually at home covering an event of some sort and this year will be no different -- I’ll be back in time for the Glacier Area Homeowner’s Association parade and remembrance ceremony.

It sounds like a fun time with kids on bikes and cub and girl scouts and high school drummers. Very different than the more formal ceremonies I usually cover, so it will be something fun to look forward to when I get back.

But until then … I’m officially on vacation. No laptop. An answering machine (or house sitter) taking my calls and a cell phone that will only be used if I get lost – which, knowing my horrible sense of direction, is entirely possible.

So think of little Driver Friday and Saturday as he’ll be facing his toughest competition to date. I have no expectations, I just want him to have a good time in the ring, to wag his glorious tail and be the little showman I know he is.

Dog showing is a beauty contest and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this case, the judge.

What I can promise is that I will love him as much when he goes into the ring as when he leaves -- with whatever ribbon (or not) he may be awarded.

Oh, and hopefully, we’ll all have a chance for an unclouded view of the full moon tonight.

No howling allowed.



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