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Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21 - Lisa's Musings (on Fridays) and From Every Day Life

TGIF and all that good stuff.

It's Friday night. That means a late night for me -- usually writing all those stories I've covered during the week and haven't gotten around to writing yet.

But the storms that have been rolling through here since late this afternoon have kinda put a damper on my progress. They've been good ones, though. One lightning bolt took out one of my neighbor's trees and I was sitting on my three-season porch to witness the snap, crack and pop followed by the wham of the large branch going down way out and across the field.

Armed with a hot cup of coffee, the dogs and I took full advantage of the fish bowl-like feeling of having these storms circle the property like a wagon train. We sat on the couch and felt the earth move under our feet.

I also noticed that my iris had begun to bloom on the back side of the house. That's the thing about spring. You really have to pay attention to the growing stuff because before you know it, they've bloomed and you've almost missed it.

I also took note that there were a number of tree branches that need to be whacked back or I won't be able to walk to the back of the property.

And, a hard rain also brings to light the gutters that are in serious need of cleaning. The water freely rolled over the tops of the gutters like a waterfall. Sure, it was pretty, but I'm not so sure all that water going directly on the foundation is such a good thing.

So, this was an educational rain storm for me. And I've started a list of all the projects that need to be done. I feel like I accomplished something during the hours of computer downtime.

I know, Friday nights in this house aren't the rollicking good times that other people have.

But that's OK. The dogs and I had plenty of natural excitement to keep us amused.

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