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Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15 - Lisa's Musings (on goats) and Every Day Life

One of the coolest things about being a reporter is the new stuff I learn on an almost daily basis.

Today, I learned about goats. Things like they'll munch on grass and weeds, and low tree branches and leaves -- especially the dried kind -- are goat caviar.

But did you know they also like Fig Newtons?

Yup, those cookies are like dog bones for goats.

Each has a distinct personality, too, and goat fanciers highly recommend them as a fun alternative to weed whackers.

Goats are grazers; they won't dig up a pasture like some other farm animals tend to do. Plus they're small and can be made into pets.

I learned that goats are pretty cool farm animals; especially the Pygmy variety.

And they have names like Nutmeg and Cinnamon and Samson, Flair, Aussie and BB.

Thanks members of the Renegade 4-H Club for teaching me about your goats today.

Now that I've met the goats and their 4-H handlers, I can't wait to watch them compete at the 4-H Youth Show this July.

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