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Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6, Lisa's Musings (on shiny shoes) and Every Day Life

What I didn't admit yesterday after getting my parking ticket and heading out of downtown Ann Arbor was that I went to Briarwood.

I figured I'd already made one donation to the local economy, I was on a roll.

Besides, I had several coupon cards from my favorite store, Coldwater Creek.

OK, so they weren't going to expire for a couple months, but still. They were burning a hole in my purse.

Not to be confused with the fire that I helped put out yesterday morning before I got the ticket and went shopping, though.

And, I was already a walking advertisement for the store because I had one of their jackets on my back.

And I had a purpose, too. This wasn't a willy-nilly shopping spree because I'd helped put out a fire and gotten a parking ticket.

No, I actually needed a couple more jackets with pockets.

To show Driver in stand-and-eat-food competition. The food part needs to go somewhere and that's where the pockets come into play.

You see, we have a big AKC dog show coming up Memorial Day Weekend where Driver will see his first real competition against other dogs of his ilk. Up until now, he's been the only Toller in his class.

So, Memorial Day weekend, we'll drive many, many miles to lovely Bloomington, IL, at least I'm assuming it's beautiful ...

And, his daddy's going to be there, so he'll get to meet him for the first time in the fur.

And, I'm hoping he'll pick up a few pointers about retrieving and field work because daddy has the highest title they offer called a Master Hunter, which means he's really, really good at fetching ducks from fields and the water.

Will Driver turn out to be daddy's little protege?

And, I will have the opportunity to meet his daddy's mommy, known in dog lingo as the stud dog's owner.

Her name's Donna LaHaise and she lives in Canada somewhere and apparently, she has raspberry patches on her property and makes the best raspberry cheesecake in the world.

Or, so other Toller people have told me.

So, I'm really looking forward to this.

But I digress.

About the photos with this blog. What you see kinda, sorta, is that I found a jacket with pockets that perfectly matches my shiny shoes.

And after last weekend, they are my "we-got-a-UKC-championship-in-them" shoes.

So, forget those stinkin' ruby slippers from the movies, I own the best sparkly shoes in the whole dog show world.

Although some people laugh at these beauties when I wear them, they are my favorites.
And although I've come close to finding jackets to match them, this baby from Coldwater Creek is the real deal.

It matches perfectly.

In fact, when I discovered this -- just this morning -- I couldn't wait to wear both the jacket and the shoes, so I did.

And everyone at the office will get to see the outfit for themselves at today's editorial meeting.

Hopefully, they'll be kind, and stifle their laughter.

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Blogger Jerry LaVaute said...

Good blog, Lisa. And great photo of the outfit.

As it turns out, Coldwater Creek is my wife's favorite clothing store as well. I've been to their store at Laurel Park Place a few times over the years, either to buy her a gift, or in tow with her as she purchases or returns an item.

May 7, 2010 at 3:55 AM  
Blogger Lisa A said...

Thanks, Jerry. It's a great store and lots of nice sales people, one hit one side of the store looking for jackets with pockets while I was on the other. We met in the middle. She remarked, I didn't know we had so many jackets w/faux pockets. Yup. Figured that out after the fact. They even went to the trouble of opening several pockets, just to make sure they were real. That's customer service. I gift certificate from there would be great for Mother's Day ...

May 7, 2010 at 5:44 AM  

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