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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4 - Lisa's Musings (on turkeys) and on Every Day Life

My yard will never be on the cover of a gardening magazine.

And that's OK.

I actually got estimates on what it might cost to turn my weed-filled grass (and there's a LOT of it) into a golf course-like paradise.

First, we walked the entire property and the guy gave me a staggeringly multi-zeroed estimate. So I narrowed it down to just the front yard.

After more calculations, there were still a few too many zeros involved in that transformation.

Without including the repeat applications of stuff to keep the multi-colored and leafy stuff away -- once the initial new grass was planted.

And even though I'd love to rid the joint of dandelions (I really hate them) and purple things and white things and dead-looking areas near the pine trees and the list goes on ... in the scheme of things, I live in the country, so unless you drive up my driveway, no one sees my yard.

Except me.

And I know how much it would cost to fix it.

Well, there are the dogs, but they don't even care if the grass in their yard gets tall. In fact, I think they like it better than way.

But my yard held a spectacle that I bet most people have never seen on their manicured lawn.

This morning, I witnessed the mating dance of wild turkeys.

And it was really cool.

Now, I've seen a lot of other critters on the property, but this was the first time the wild turkeys, which can usually be seen down the road, did the hokey-pokey on my property.

I felt honored.

Of all the yards on this road, they picked mine.

They didn't care that the grass wasn't perfect and it wasn't mowed to within an inch of its life.

They didn't care that there were lots of dandelions and other assorted weeds in it.

These two turkeys picked my yard for their dance and I was mesmerized by the mating ritual.

So, I guess my grass is special.

Just ask the turkeys.

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