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Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7 - Lisa's Musings (on storms) and Every Day Life

I didn't leave the house today -- well, expect to get my Free Press before the storms, and to get the mail after several waves of them zipped through here.

Instead of turning off the computer and quitting work as the thunder thundered and the lightning lightninged -- I unplugged the laptop and headed to the three-season porch to enjoy them while working.

How cool is that?

I admit it, I love a good storm. Especially now that I don't have a dog that flips out because of them.

These two hounds follow my lead, hang out and watch with me.

But I'm not stupid about storms.

I gained a healthy respect for Mother Nature after a tree fell on the side of my house when I was sitting right next to the window against which it hit.

After that, I always suggest to friends, who might be here during a storm, that they park their vehicle in my garage and out of the way of possible flying tree-branches.

In fact, when I hear that warning siren go off, I don't pussy foot around. I'm the first one headed into the basement. Actually, the third one -- because the dogs head down the stairs before me.

In fact, I'm educated in weather. I'm (an expired), card-carrying Weather Watcher, or, something like that.

I went through the class that's offered by the county.

The other cool thing about a storm is when it's over -- because there's always the possibility of a rainbow.

I've seen a lot of them out here. Not yet today, but lots of other times.

And who doesn't love seeing a rainbow?

Or dreaming about that pot of gold that lies beyond it?


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