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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18 - Lisa's Musings (on Rotten Colds 2) and Every Day Life

I have rejoined the ranks of the showered and clean clothed -- after spending two days in the same clothing and wrapped in a blanket.

Along with the hacking, gacking and sneezing, I was freezing, and just could not warm up my ailing body.

Today, I made the effort to rejoin the ranks of people without colds and it worked -- for a while anyway.

I left the house and covered a Washtenaw County Road Commission meeting, warning and staying as far away from other humans as was possible.

I was almost full of energy until about 3 p.m., then the tank hit empty. I hit the La Z Boy, wrapped up in two blankets and attempted to take a nap. I left the walkaround phone on its holder because I really didn't want to talk to anyone, so of course, the phone rang off the hook.

It never fails. I rarely take an afternoon nap but when I want to, everyone, every PR firm, every telemarketer and assorted friends and sources, decide to call.

I ignored them all and stayed wrapped up in my blankie. Sorry friends and sources.

I don't get sick very often, so I might as well take full advantage of it while I am.

If the seven days of a cold hold true -- only three more days and I'll be my old self again.

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