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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23 - Lisa's Musings (on dog hair) and Every Day Life

I have one very spunky, happy dog this morning. No, it's not the media darling Driver, rather Ryan, who looks like a new, slimmer version of his former self and is sporting a new 'do' today.

Late yesterday afternoon, my friend Nancy and I tackled his winter/neuter coat and removed literally pounds of hair.

There probably wasn't pounds of hair, but, there was a lot -- as evidenced by the photos with this blog.

Ryan, dear, dear Ryan, was taken outside for the grooming session because I knew there was no way all that hair would ever leave my house. We brushed and combed and brushed and raked. Then raked some more.

And as handful after handful of red winter Toller coat came out, Ryan was transformed from a pudgy looking dog into a much slimmer version. He still needs to loose a few real pounds -- and we're working on it -- but his before and after look was pretty incredible.

Once his toes and ears were trimmed up so he didn't look like a ragamuffin, Ryan looked like a completely different dog. And he knew it, too. You could see the twinkle in his eyes and the spring in his step.

Nancy and I decided that it would be pretty cool if we humans could do some grooming on ourselves and voila, look instantly slimmer.

But until then we'll just have to admire Ryan's new look.

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