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Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28, Lisa’s Musings (while on vacation) and on Every Day Life

Editor's Note: Lisa is on vacation, but has written her blog posts in advance and charged me with posting every day. So, my name may be at the end as the person who posted it, but this is still her "everyday musings."

I thought I’d toss this out there for the long weekend so you can think about it and get back to me about it – if you so choose. No pressure or anything.

As everyone knows – this is a new day and age of newspapers and whether you like it or hate it, it is what it is.

And, I’m doing my best not to get run over in the rush toward learning new stuff. I’ve figured out how to blog and have a very loyal following, which is pretty cool.

I’ve kinda gotten the Facebook and Tweeting stuff under control.

We won’t get into my continued frustration with uploading video, but I’m told that all my troubles will be a nightmare of the past, when we all unlearn what we’ve been doing since March and learn something else. I’m told it will make my life easier, and I’m banking on that. I figure no matter what new system I need to learn, it’s got to be an improvement on the old one.

So, speaking about new vs. old. Or maybe it’s old vs. new, if you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a whole new way of commenting on the news these days.

It used to be a hand-written or typed letter to the editor from someone in the community that was verified by someone in the newsroom before it was printed for everyone to read.

Now, anyone from anywhere who owns a computer and who has an opinion, fact-based or not, on what you wrote – can have their say.


And, they can either chose to make their opinion known using their real name. Or not. Take your pick.

So, I’m still kinda trying to wrap my head around this. I love having people comment on a story I write, but I also like to know who is doing the commenting.

It’s not like I can hide behind a fake name when I write a story; so why should they be able to take pot shots at a story I write while wearing a disguise?

Thankfully, most of my readers will either pat me on the back or kick me in the rump via e-mail, so I know who they are. And I try to thank them either way.


But the name of the game these days is first getting as many people to read your stuff as possible and then encouraging them to comment on it – for all the world to read.

So, if you have any suggestions about how I can get more people to A.) Read my blog, and B.) Comment publicly about it, I’m all ears.

When I get back from vacation, that is.

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