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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan. 26 - Lisa's Musings (From Crisler Arena) and Every Day Life

It's good to be a Wolverine.

Yes, even in a one-point loss to MSU in basketball tonight.

Crisler was rockin'. The crowd supportive.

And LOUD. For Crisler.

Even though they had a chance in the last seconds of the game and weren't able to convert a game winning basket, I'm proud of the boys. They kept MSU in check.

They hustled.

They rebounded.

They really weren't outplayed.

The Wolverines showed they had guts and the crowd showed them that we were behind them.

In Maize. Lots and lots of maize.

I'm a huge fan of Beilein. He's a class act and a good coach. And he's working with young players.

And in the end, we almost knocked off No. 5 MSU.

One lousy point.

Coulda. Woulda. Shouda.


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