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Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug. 30 - Lisa's Musings (on National Holistic Pet Day) and Every Day Life

Bet you didn’t know that today is National Holistic Pet Day.

Now you do.

And according to a press release about this “day,” dog owners are bringing their canines to yoga class while cat owners are having acupuncture performed on their felines. What, no pet psychics?

Also according to this press release, more and more people are feeding their pets a natural diet “rich with functional ingredients.” Whatever that is.

And, Dr. Al Townsend, DVM says, “The easiest way to do this is to feed your pet meaningfully with a food that goes beyond natural, and includes ingredients that activate a higher level of health for the animal.”

I’m not sure what this means, either, but I bet there’s something holistically wonderful about it, and my dogs are being deprived of something important, but, they seem happy enough.

Besides, I do feed a “raw” diet and they eat better than I do, so if that’s “meaningful,” then I’m doing something right.

This release suggests massage, acupressure and meditation to achieve peace, serenity and mindfulness not just for this “special” day but for a lifetime of good pet health for your pets.

Am I making you feel like a bad pet owner yet?

The good vet has some pretty impressive credentials, though. He’s a grad of the U-GA School of Veterinary Medicine and has received the “coveted” Golden Stethoscope Award for his contributions above and beyond the call of duty in bringing veterinary care to the dogs of the Iditarod.

Ah – I hadn’t read down far enough, Dr. Al is stumping for Holistic Select Pet Food, a brand I’ve never heard of. But, apparently this food includes “Nature’s Power Ingredients,” – a combination of enzymes, direct fed microbials, botanicals and phytonutrients that “provide superior nutritional benefits to enhance the whole body health of pets.”

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a lot of mumbo-jumbo going on here.

However, I did “share a bonding experience or exercise together” when the pups played ball in the basement where it was cool. With the way these pups chase toys, they’d have overheated in 5 minutes outside today.

So, see what you can do about achieving that balance in your pet’s life by feeding them meaningfully, and if you figure out what that means, let me know.

Or maybe not.

I don’t want to give my dogs any ideas about demanding their own yoga instructor.

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