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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug. 21 -- Lisa's Musings (on Saturdays) and Every Day Life

As I typed in the date for this blog, it occurred to me that I'm 52 1/2 years old today. Yup, in six months, I'll be 53.

I sound like a little kid who says I'm 4 1/2 or I'm 6 1/2 -- that 1/2 is VERY important to them, so when they make a big deal out of it, I include it in my story or cutline under their photo.

I'm not sure how important the half year is to me, but, it's Saturday, and my brain is pretty much running on mush today (as I take a day off) so it sounded like something worth noting.

In other pretty unimportant "news", I did, indeed, celebrate Cupcake Day belatedly by purchasing a dozen little tasty morsels from The Cupcake Station. Now I need to figure out how good they'll taste if I freeze a few of them.

With the new freezer, I'm really getting into this freezing/preserving thing.

I'm up to six bags of corn, four bags of raspberries and some peaches, so I'm ready for winter. Like the squirrels who hide the tastiest nuts in the fall.

I beat the birds this time around and "harvested" the first two ripe ever bearing strawberries from my hanging basket plant. And after tasting them, I'm not so sure that I outsmarted the birds. I think they were so disgusted with the first ones they got, they crossed the fruit off their feeding list.

The local berry farmers have nothing to worry about. I'll continue to turn to them for my strawberries. The consistency was all wrong and they tested mealy.

So, the next "crop" that are almost ready for picking -- they're resting on leaves and not the soil. I'm hoping that makes a difference but I'm not too optimistic.

We'll see.

Well, it's almost 10 p.m. and I have a busy day tomorrow. I'm covering U-M Fan Day at The Big House.

So Go Blue.

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