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Friday, August 20, 2010

Lisa's Musings (on blog readers) and Every Day Life

I love my readers.

If not for them, I’d have exited this journalism game a long time ago, but they keep me on my toes and remind me why I work the long hours for little pay.

It's e-mails like this that put a smile on my face and re-rev my engines when they are just about on empty.

Following yesterday’s blog about Bad Poetry and Cupcake Day, I received this:

So Lisa wrote her blog today
About bad poetry

She's told them time and time again
And does it politely

But no one listens, and I'm sure
There's times she'd like to say

Words to make a sailor blush
Yeah! That'd make her day!

But editors must behave now
And so her only hope

Is that cupcakes will appear
And that will help her cope.

I laughed so hard after reading this, I asked permission from the author to use it today.

So Kim Longworth, this post's for you. Welcome to the whacky and wild “blogisphere,” or something like that.

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