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Friday, August 27, 2010

Aug. 27 - Lisa's Musings (on cover cats) and Every Day Life

Regular readers know I'm a dog person, but in my other life I'm the editor of a cat magazine. I know, the dogs can't believe it, either.

And for the second time in 21 years, one of my photos graced the cover of the magazine. I'm kinda excited because it looks REALLY good. (I'll see if I can get a pdf of it from my designer now that it's been mailed to readers and post it in the future.)

Plus, the cat lives in Ann Arbor. I happened upon this kitty while out on assignment for A2 Journal. Which was also the case with my first cover.

Now, I'm pretty darn good in picking content that my readers like, but covers? Not so much. The owners of I Love Cats and I have never quite seen eye to eye (or whisker to whisker) on what images make a good cover.

But this year's been different.

Not sure why. Either I'm finally "getting it" after all these years, or they are coming around to my way of thinking -- because my finger snapped two of the six covers in 2010.

And I'm rather proud of myself for this little feat.

I feel like the cat's meow.

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