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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug. 26 - Lisa's Musings (on National Dog Day) and From Every Day Life

Today is National Dog Day but don’t tell my two because I didn’t get them anything.

I didn’t take them to National Take Your Dog to Work Day – I think it was last month – either. Because technically, they are constantly a part of my work day.

Driver sleeps under my feet when I’m working on my laptop, until he wants to do something, then he puts his front feet on my leg and licks me in the face. It’s impossible to ignore dog love.

Ryan does his best to force me to get up and walk around a few times a day by whacking at the door to go out in the dog yard or by barking at deer while out on the three season porch. He likes to do it early in the morning – before I’ve had my second cup of coffee, so I usually have to get up and tell him to stop barking. I’m not fond of barking dogs.

But back to National Dog Day. It’s really a day to celebrate dogs that are in need of rescue, family dogs and dogs that work to save lives.

And, although my two could be considered family dogs, these guys actually do stuff – like dog shows, so, not sure if that would apply.

Besides, in this house, pretty much every day is Lisa Dog Day because these two make me smile, many times a day.

Perhaps I should have bought them something because they truly are my greatest gifts.

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