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Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9 - Lisa's Musings on (the day before a dog show) and Every Day Life

Enough time has passed, following the serious rump-kicking we took at the big dog show in Illinois back in May that Driver and I are ready to try our luck again.

Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say I've recovered from his placing second out of two, and third out of four at our first time with competition at an AKC show.

Not only did Driver not understand what happened, but also he didn't care. He was just happy to see lots and lots of dogs that looked like him and to make friends with as many of them as possible.

To that end, he was a winner in every sense of the word.

Plus, he showed beautifully so I hid my disappointment in his placements and let him know I was very, very proud.

Since I do understand what happens in the conformation ring, or as I call it, the stand-and-eat-food ring, it's just a matter of finding the right judge on the right day, who happens to like Driver more than the other dogs that are entered.

Perhaps that will happen this weekend. Perhaps not. We've never shown to either of these judges before so it will be a crap shoot.

The only thing I ask of Driver is that he has a good time in the ring and that he show himself to the best of his ability. And, each time he's gone in the ring, he's figured out how to do that. With a little help from me of course.

I know he meets the breed standard and is he a good representative of his breed. And, I know that if I show him enough times to enough judges who know what a good Toller is supposed to look and move like, he'll wind up with that CH in front of his name.

What I can't tell you is how many times I'll have to fork out $20 or whatever the entry fee might be at that show, before we get enough points to earn a championship.

So, since I know ahead of time how many dogs are entered, I know that if they all show up, the winner will take home 2 points. And, the same holds true for Sunday.

So, if Driver should win both days, we'll have four points toward the 15 total points he needs to be crowned a champion. Now, along the way to getting those 15 points, he must also get two major wins, which means he has to beat at least three other Tollers.

Since there aren't a lot of them showing, we have to build, what are called "majors" and work with each other to show at the same shows.

So, regardless of how he does tomorrow, it will be my job to find out where the other exhibitors are showing in upcoming months so we can cobble together enough dogs to put together a "major." For one of them to win. And, until Driver grows up a bit, he's only 17 months old, he may wind up as fodder for the older, more mature dogs.

But that's OK; his day will come.

And maybe it will be tomorrow at the Ann Arbor Kennel Club Dog Show that's held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. We show at 2:15 tomorrow in ring 6 and at 11:30 in ring 2 on Sunday should any of you like to come watch.

Don't tell Driver, but it's time for his special show bath. Which is lots less fun than swimming in the lake or getting drenched by water from the hose.

He's a good sport about it, though.

And win or lose tomorrow, I will be, too.

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