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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7 - Lisa's Musings (on riding in a trolley) and Every Day Life

It's not every day that people in Ann Arbor have a chance to see a trolley roll by them in the downtown. But it happened today.

And the best part was -- I was one of the 20-some media types and art fair guru passengers on the trolley's maiden run.

Members of the press were invited by the art fair organizers on a media tour of four artist's studios and our transportation was provided by Sean Duval owner of Golden International, a limousine service, which owns and operates the trolley.

And although we were on one of his three trolley's maiden voyages, art fair patrons will be able to ride in one for $1 for the whole day during the fair that takes place July 21-24.

And if that wasn't cool enough, we were allowed inside the studios of several artists -- each stop representing an artist or artists who will sell their work in one of the four art fairs.

The thing was, we were all so excited to see the artists in their native habitats, if you will, that the tour took longer than expected, and most of the media types -- the TV and radio folk -- exited the trolley, stage left, before the last stop on the tour -- the Youis Studio Gallery.

That left three representatives from the local media -- Jenn McKee from Ann, and my fabulous intern, Taryn, and me from the A2 Journal -- a chance to say they saved the best studio for last.

In my opinion, "the others" missed the heart and soul of what makes art fair so special -- seeing artists at work in their chosen media.

Not that a glimpse inside Samuel Yao's basket art studio wasn't delightful. His baskets are amazing.

Or that Stan Baker's clay work and quips weren't worth the price of admission into his unique studio. His Alaskan Malamute was cute, too.

Or, that a chance to see Kate Tremel's gorgeous clay forms and shapes wasn't something to behold. Her pierced forms were unique and spectacular, too.

But those who were in such a hurry to do whatever it was they had to do -- they missed the intimacy, energy, laughter and creativity that was taking place at Youis Studio as some of the artists worked side-by-side at one large table.

The others missed seeing the clay on the artist's hands and smells of works in progress -- before these finished products make their ways to booths at the South University Art Fair.

When just a wee pup in this biz, a wise veteran of the news biz told me -- arrive early and stay late -- there's where the best stories are found.

He was right.

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