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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27 - Lisa's Musings (on fun with farm animals) and Every Day Life

I went on a special tour and spent my Sunday morning having fun with farm animals at Back Forty Acres in Sylvan Township.

It was pigs and turkeys and goats and sheep and chickens and rabbits and turkeys -- oh my.

I was literally in hog heaven spending time the Doll Family's Tamworth pigs -- especially Humphrey and Delbert, the two boar hogs. Put a horn on Humphrey and he looks like a rhino. Seriously. He is a BIG pig. With large teeth, too. But cute, cute, cute. I cooed at him like he was a baby.

Then there were the young ones ... oh my red oink-oink, they were too precious for words.

Larry and Kevin Doll took two hours of their day to take me from pasture to pasture, hike around part of the 180 acres explaining each flavor of animal as we went. Thank you both for answering all my questions.

I learned about other Heritage breeds like Silver Appleyard ducks, for instance.

The Dolls specialize in meat, poultry and eggs on a farm that was begun by their great, great grandparents in 1864.

Duck and chicken eggs abound, and some even come in pink and blue.

You'll have to wait for the story to find out the full story. But that won't happen for a couple weeks.

So, I hope you enjoy the photographic tour of the farm animals.

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