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Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20 - Lisa's Musings (on the AA Sunday Artist Market) and Every Day Life

I spent part of my day at the Sunday Artist's Market in Ann Arbor. What a delightful group of artists and an amazing array of media. These photos are only a small slice of what's there.

Plus, many of the artists do their thing while they're in their booths, which makes it really cool.

If you haven't visited this market, you should. These artists and their creations are amazing! And, it's a great place to find the perfect gift in any price range.

From purses to paintings, ceramics to dolls and jewelry, these artists are at 315 Detroit St. from April through December.

There are toys and textiles, mosaics and wood crafts, furniture and photography ... the list goes on and on. And each week, there are new artists, so there's always something different.

It's like a little art fair every week. Oh, and did I mention the free parking?

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