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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17 - Lisa's Musings (on transplant surgeons) and Every Day Life

Tuesday night, I had the true honor of meeting several U-M transplant surgeons, and I've included some photos so you can see their faces.

For an evening, these dedicated docs traded in their surgical scrubs for specially-made server scrubs to benefit the U-M Transplant Center. They spent the night as servers at Zingerman's Roadhouse to give back to the community.

I expected them to be rather stuffy, guarded and well, not so friendly. That'll teach me to lump all surgeons in one basket. These guys were so much fun and were so down to earth. They had such terrific senses of humor. But above all, I was touched by their dedication to the transplant center and the patients and families that are in need of their services.

These docs are in medicine for all the right reasons. They realize that they've got a tough, tough job because by the time they see their patients, they are very, very sick.

But the love and dedication these docs had for what they do was truly humbling. When I asked them what they'd like people to know about transplant surgery, they were quite candid. More people need to donate their organs.

I hope that you'll listen to the video I did at to hear what they had to say about the transplant center in their own words.

I know you'll be as moved as I was, and I hope you'll pull out your driver's license and show your personal support for these docs and the people who desperately need your organs when you no longer do.

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