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Friday, June 11, 2010

Guest blog: Blogging 101 at the senior center

Editor's note: Char Hanson blogging today in place of Editor Michelle Rogers.
Those of us who have been driving since the automatic transmission was a new wonder in the automoblie world are getting a lot of laughs out of General Motors' decision to get rid of the term "Chevy." Those in command at GM should talk to some of their retired executives. Back in the 1950s and before everyone in the country called it a "Chevy." Everyone except GM that is. Their ads tried very hard to pretend that it was not so. It was "Chevrolet," always, and those who said otherwise were sternly corrected.

I do not remember when it was, but I am guessing that it was sometime in the early to mid-'60s that I was sitting in a Chevy/Chevrolet, looked down at the radio buttons, and saw that they spelled out C_H_E_V_Y. It gave me a good laugh to realize that GM had bowed to the common man and finally acknowledged what the rest of the oountry was saying.

I understand their reasoning that the car is now being sold all over the world and people might not be able to understand how a car could have two names, but I think it is a pretty slim argument. In a wnole lot of the world American movies, music, televison, and therefore the culture are common knowledge, even very popular. It would be a minority of people who are confused by the two names and easy enough for sales people to explain if it ever became an issue in someone's decision about a purchase.



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