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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9 - Lisa's Musings (on science) and Every Day Life

Maybe if I’d been introduced to science as a preschooler by Stella, the Lab Rat, I’d have passed statistics and gone to veterinary school.

The cute rodent and I were introduced today at the Glacier Way West Side Cooperative Preschool by her friend, Renee Hult. She was teaching a class called All About Science and introduced the youngsters to the very fashionable rat, who helped her introduce the concept of the four seasons through trees and temperatures.

Indeed, trees serve as a great barometer for the visual difference in spring, summer, fall and winter. Then, Paper Doll Pearl: The Weather Girl, (and readers know how much I love weather) took a turn reinforcing the changes as the children dressed her appropriately for each season.

I couldn’t resist posting these photos from my morning at the preschool.

Cute, eh?

I think Stella would approve.

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