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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22 - Lisa's Musings (on fawns) and every day life

I thought this would be the first year that I didn't have a fawn (or three) born on my property. I hadn't seen any and I'd gone out to the usual birthing area to check a half dozen or so times.

Then Saturday afternoon when I was out mowing, I spooked one.

So, Lisa's baby deer refuge streak is still alive.

And just now, I watched the little one practice running -- in this case laps around a grove of autumn olive in the middle of the back of my property.

It's such a cute little snot. Racing around figuring out how to turn corners with its tiny legs.

Mom just strolled by -- so perhaps she told the little one to go get a little exercise. Not sure.

But that little fawn was sure having fun. Like a little child running around ... just because.

I love seeing these little fawns -- until they grow up and start chewing on stuff. Then they aren't so cute any more. And I admit it, I begin to root for the local hunters. The problem is, these hunters are a picky bunch and they leave the does alone -- hoping that they'll produce more bucks because that's what they really want.

A Trophy Buck with a Big Rack.

But until then, I'll try not to scare the little cutie like I did Saturday. First I spooked it from its napping spot in the tall grass while mowing paths, The little deer bolted for the woods.

I must have gotten too close to its new hiding spot because it blasted past me and headed for the thicket of autumn olive. Problem with that spot was, I kept riding by, and the fawn would look at me with that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look and shake.

I felt kinda bad about it but I was determined to finish mowing the back.

Like the barn swallows, this human trumps small woodland critters.

I pay the mortgage; I've earned the right to mow the lawn.

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