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Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5 - Lisa's Musings (on a day off) and Every Day Life

For once, along with many Americans, I have a holiday off.

Generally, in the news biz, reporters aren't afforded the luxury of one of these paid days to do whatever one wants to do. Too bad no one bothered to tell Driver that I could sleep in today. Like any other day, he woke me before 7 a.m. by licking me in the face.

But, I looked at it in a positive fashion -- more hours to enjoy on this July 4th holiday -- only, it's July 5, but, I'm not kicking a gift horse in the teeth -- or something like that.

I had a chance to mow the front yard, which really needed it. I dodged Mommy Deer and her midget baby, which isn't growing very much. I think there's something wrong with it.

They were snoozing in the trees, I guess, and when I drove by on the tractor, I spooked them. Had I hit them do you think my homeowner's insurance would have paid to fix the dent?

And I made a terrific omelet for lunch from farm fresh eggs that are part of my CSA from Father John. I got the recipe from a magazine I leisurely read with coffee this morning. The key? Two tablespoons of water instead of milk and this makes the eggs really, really light and fluffy. Yummers.

I paid bills ahead of time and dated them so these companies don't get their money too early but the task's complete -- for half the month, anyway.

And I read and read and read ... a new book called "The Imperfectionists," about newspapering back in the day ... before the Internet changed everything and the new mantra became digital first. Oh how I long for newspapering days gone by, but that's a topic for another blog.

And although it's just a little past 3 p.m., I thought I'd write this now ...

So I can enjoy the rest of my day without having to worry about anything.

Just doing what I feel like doing, or not doing, living in the moment of a paid day off.

They're so rare.

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