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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6 - Lisa's Musings (on the Need for More Three-Day Weekends) and Every Day Life

I've decided to add a few more things to my list of changes that need to be made in this country.

Just little stuff.

I'm thinking small changes here in America -- like once every month, there should be a paid three-day weekend for everyone who works. And, no, I'm not going to work out the monetary or union details -- it shouldn't be that complicated.

Of course, this revelation comes after enjoying one of those rare three-day weekends -- even if I did work one day of it.

I kinda liked having Monday off, and I'd like more of them off, thank you.

It would be good for everyone who works their tails off year-round. And I've decided we all deserve it.

Not just for July 4 and Labor Day and Memorial Day, because for the most part, we reporters work all of those holidays. But every month Americans should be able to celebrate something that reporters don't have to cover.

Some innocuous made-up holidays like National Pet Day, say in August, where everyone gets a three-day weekend to spend with their family, friends and pets. No gifts required.

There's nothing to speak of in October, so that could be Welcome to Fall Day or Just Hang Out with Family and Friends Day. Although you wouldn't be required to actually do that -- it's just the excuse for a paid day off.

November's taken up with Thanksgiving -- another holiday I love because it doesn't require any gift-giving -- just food, football and fun. December and January are spoken for as well.

So then in February, there's President's Day, well, everyone should be able to spend a Monday thinking about how lucky they are to live in the best country in the world -- the good ole US of A.

March -- well how about March Day ... and, if so inclined, people could march to the beat of a different drummer, or march to protest something, no wait, bad idea, then reporters would be required to cover it. So, forget that idea, stick with the drumming part.

April -- well, let's celebrate the April showers that bring May flowers. That would be easy enough, right? Everyone grab an umbrella and twirl. But don't get too many of your friends together to do it or, again, it will become a news story that requires photos and video and coverage.

In May, we've got Memorial Day, but June, now in June we could celebrate June Day and give each other a flower. The flower growers could get all over that.

So you see, there are all kinds of ideas that would make good three-day weekend holidays. One each month. Nothing fancy. Just a theme of some sort that everyone could wrap their heads around, celebrate and enjoy.

Too bad it would take an act of Congress to make them all happen.

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