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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Results of our recent online polls

Below are the results from our Web polls.
Do you think the Ann Arbor Airport should be expanded
Yes: 61 percent
No: 39 percent

How should schools address budget constraints
Reduce staff salaries: 32 percent
Pay to Play: 28 percent
Offer more online classes: 22 percent
Cut extracurricular activities: 18 percent

What do your New Year's resolutions involve
Physical fitness: 55 percent
Family: 27 percent
Career: 11 percent
Education: 7 percent

How do you plan to spend New Year's Eve
With family at home: 64 percent
Watching a New Year's Eve program on TV: 18 percent
At a party: 12 percent
At the bar: 6 percent

What's your Christmas wish
Cure for cancer: 37 percent
Health and happiness: 27 percent
World peace: 24 percent
An end to poverty: 13 percent

Have your scaled back your holiday shopping by
50 percent or more: 59 percent
None: 19 percent
25 percent or less: 15 percent
10 percent or less: 7 percent

Which types of Web sites do you frequent the most
News: 66 percent
Sports: 18 percent
Entertainment: 8 percent
Shopping: 8 percent

What do you like to watch on television
Dramas: 34 percent
News: 29 percent
Reality shows: 20 percent
Sitcoms: 18 percent

What are you thankful for
Family and friends: 57 percent
Employment: 30 percent
Good health: 11 percent
Community: 2 percent

Any surprises?



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