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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sept. 18, Lisa's Musings (on U-M football) and Every Day Life

I can now say I watched a game this year from inside the new Big House.

And, as I've gotten used to seeing it's new look from the outside, I have to say I kinda like its new look while sitting in the inside, too. Although I did so from a different vantage point than I'm used to having.

I sat with my little brother, Eric, in his seats, which were on the 30 in row 64. I'm used to sitting higher up and closer to the 50, so it was a different look. Not a bad look, just different.

And, when we left this morning, it was cool and raining so I dressed appropriately. Turtleneck, vest, sweatshirt and rain gear. We parked on Pauline in a new spot -- and paid $20. Note to self -- always choose the ones that say easy in and easy OUT. We were the second car parked and there were six behind us. The nice person who owned the home gave as instructions that we had to be back within a half hour of the end of the game ... but more on that later.

So, first we headed to Allmendinger Park to spend a little time at my dad's bench and took a few photos. Had a nearby tailgater take both of our pictures and just hung out.

Once inside the stadium -- the sun came out and it warmed up. Fast. And I started shedding layer after layer after layer until there were no more appropriate layers to be shed. Did I mention that I'm used to sitting in the shade? And I hadn't considered that we might be sitting in the sun. The rain, yeah, but not the sun.

Sad start to the game as U-M paid tribute to a true Michigan man Ron Kramer who died a week ago today. Surprisingly, there were lots of people wearing a jersey with his name on it and my brother and I decided they'd had them made specially.

So, between U-M's horrible defensive effort and sweating in a turtle neck when I'd have been fine in short sleeves, I was happy to go (Lady) Ga-Ga at half time. It was a fun and clever show. Plus a chance for me to get up and stretch.

Going into the half, the play had improved and the start of the third quarter was pretty good as well and then ... let's just say I was glad for the win ... and the end of the game.

And then it was off to retrieve the van ... and apparently, the last guy parked in the driveway didn't get the memo about being back to his can within a half-hour of the end of the game.

So we waited and waited and made some new friends from the UP and Ohio, and waited some more as all the guys debated the prospect of physically moving the last car in line so the rest of us could get out. There was enough man power waiting, that was for sure, but there was also a lot of beer being consumed so ... I was glad they thought better of it.

And since I'm writing this, the guy did show up and we managed to get out, have a lovely dinner at Knights and still get home in time for the MSU-Notre Dame game.

My little brother wanted me to mention that he thinks MSU's new uniforms are really ugly. So I have.

Is it wrong to root for Notre Dame?



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